The 4 R’s of Gratit...

The 4 R’s of Gratitude

Definition of Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return to kindness. “she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support” Is this a full definition of Gratitude? Yes and No! Gratitude is not just an action of thankfulness. It is an energetic that we unleash on negativity; […]

Remember To Do T...

Remember To Do This

When the tears press so hard on the inside of your eyelids, so hard that you are certain the dam will break and your heart feels like shattered glass, it can feel like your world will always be this grey. When times are rocky, really, really rocky, it is often difficult to believe that the […]

It’s Your Cho...

It’s Your Choice

It’s a choice: always a choice. You can choose to continue to lounge in the familiar halls of the victim dynamic; the victim of circumstance, OR you can choose to confront the situation and make a change. If you do nothing, then you choose to stay the victim. Just talking about wanting change is not […]

Truth – The Music of Transformat...

Truth – The Music of Transformation

I was asked by a curious person why my clients believe that their lives are transformed through the work that they do with me. This is an interesting question to respond to. I could be quick to reply with a generic answer that I am just really connected to my clients and their needs through my […]

The Moment of Tr...

The Moment of Truth

Transformation happens only when you are really ready to have it happen. Humans are pretty simple creatures. If any part of us is attached to what we need to change, if we have any ‘perceived benefit’ associated with what we think we want to let go of, we won’t change. Take a look in your […]

Dare to Look Unti...

Dare to Look Untidy.

It has been cleaning day here at our lovely residence. I love cleaning days because they bring with them many meditative moments; leading to many profound ‘aha’ moments to write about! Today I have spent the day doing laundry, cleaning drawers, organizing closet spaces and cleaning children’s rooms. There has been a great deal of […]

6 Steps to the Life of Your Dre...

6 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams

Journeys, big and small, require a few key steps to be successful, including the journey to fulfilling your dreams. 1.  You have to be willing to step out of your regular environment, your home or your comfort zone. Things will remain the same if you continue to do everything the same. Step out and make […]

Your Dreams Have Waited Long Enou...

Your Dreams Have Waited Long Enough!

Many times people withhold themselves from naming their dreams, or acting upon their dreams because they have a deep seated, often unconscious fear that if they try and go after what they hold near and dear to their hearts that they won’t succeed. The fear is not of failure. The fear is of having nothing […]

This Too Will Pass – The Power of Cha...

This Too Will Pass – The Power of Change

Change brings with it some unusual phenomenon. One day you are living one life and the very next your life takes a turn in an unexpected direction. Sometimes that direction feels fantastic and sometimes we feel like yelling at the Universe; wondering why this turn of events is taking place. The key is to realize that this […]

When YES Is Not Enou...

When YES Is Not Enough.

Wow! I thought that I was being really clear on what I want for me in my life! Although it is true that I am really clear on what I want and I have been systematically going after it moment to moment, day to day, it seems that is not enough. Surprise, surprise; apparently I need […]

Karen Popoff The Transformationalist

Karen Popoff The Transformationalist

There is Magic and Power in the Truth. This is the Science of Transformation. Karen Popoff is the Bringer of Truth, Karen Popoff is The Transformationalist.

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It's Time to explore your Transformation options here!

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